Open Letter on Policy & Institutional Reform

Dear Tufts Community,

Please find below the April 29, 2013 Open Letter to the Tufts administration concerning sexual violence prevention and response initiatives, including an outline of current shortcomings and a set of both immediate and widespread reforms that we find necessary. Read our accompanying Tufts Daily Op-Ed here. You can read the administration’s initial response here, and our subsequent reply here. Below, there is also an opportunity to sign the letter.

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Here are the current signatories of the Open Letter:

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If you have read the letter and would like to add your signature, you do so below. For now, we ask that only people with some connection to the Tufts community sign the letter, as we believe this will make our case to the University administration stronger. If you aren’t connected to Tufts but would like to support our case, you can definitely do so by sharing this link, contacting others about the cause, or writing about it for various outlets. Do contact us as or for more details.
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